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We offer templates, design concepts and so on. Please read more about package prices and more under "contact" and/or 

Why Design is difficult


What is too much or too little? How do you want to show off yourself and your organization? What is "vector"? Is social media good for marketing? Those are difficult questions, let Red Panda UF help you!

Design it.

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Hello! This is RPUF!*


*Red Panda UF Is a school project. Through Ungt företagande (Young Entrepreneurs) Caroline Storm runs the company as an examination for the course ENTENR0 (entrepreneurship). Red Panda UF offers templates for printing, such as design concepts /logotypes, templates and so on.


"Since I'm studying aesthetics and media, this felt like the perfect oppurtunity to combine the design with entreprenuship. There are already so many UFs selling cookies and tea. Therefore getting this chance to develop in both subjects have been very valuable for me." - Caroline

Inspiration and what we have created


Red Panda UF always shares tips, inspiration and what we have created on our social medias. Check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and say Hi in the comments!

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    Who runs the company?

    I who run the company is named Caroline Storm, I am studying aesthetics and media at Gutegymnasiet, Gotland, Sweden. I decided to work alone on this project so I could combine my studies in both media and entrepreneurship and get as much as possible out of the course. I believe this will be very useful for me in the future!


    How does the process work of ordering your services?

    Interested in templates/designs or logotypes? Please send an email or use the contact form, which you can find under "contact". Then we either book a phone meeting or via mail where we discuss what just you are looking after! This is so I can understand as much as possible of what you as a customer is looking for. Happy customers make me happy!


    Why "Red Panda UF"?

    Honestly, I didn't know what I was going to name my company. But Panda UF was already used... So I added a "red" and went for Red Panda UF instead. A black/white minimalistic design concept with a classic panda as a mascot would have been very good looking. But now I went for an orange fresh "catbear" (as we call them in Swedish). 


    •   •   •


    How long does it take?

    It all matters on how big your desired project is, eventual red days, budget and so on. Please send an email for a better answer regarding your idea.


    Can't I just make my own templates and designs? I recently downloaded photoshop!

    Yeah, of course, you can, if you want to. But educations exists for a reason... Some people are very good sellers meanwhile others are better at creating art. And maybe you would like to support a UF?


    But does a student really know what they are doing?

    Partly. I can not spend as much time as non-school-project-companies with marketing investigation and so on. But that means I can have way lower prices since this is a way for me to develop and continue learning. In the end, it is completely up to you if you like my style of design or not.